LoVo is a nationwide telephone operator that provides a complete range of telecommunication services to Wholesale Customers. The system offered by LoVo is based on extensive telecommunication functionality of the HIPERUS service platform, wide area framework and many national and international interconnection agreements.

The innovative solutions used by LoVo enable quick and scalable merging of multiple telecommunication networks. LoVo partner operators appreciate the high quality of service provided by LoVo for local prices. With the cooperation with LoVo, operators can access telecommunication services and subscribers of other operators without additional costs. According to your requirements, we suggest a TDM or VoIP network merging.

The Offer for Operators is targeted at:

  • Operators with their own telecommunication utilities
  • Cable TV networks
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Telephone exchange managers
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Vendors of telecommunication equipment
  • Service providers to residential buildings, office buildings and shopping centres

The Offer for Resellers is targeted at:

  • Virtual Operators without their own infrastructure
  • Businesses intending to expand their offering with fixed line telephony services.
  • ISPs and cable TV network operators without their own telecommunication infrastructure.

The services are available to companies that have or don’t have their own telecommunication networks (e.g. cable or Ethernet networks).