LoVo offers complex service billing systems. One of these is our Central Management System, allowing to generate online call reports.

The following criteria are considered when generating a report:

  • time interval
  • operator/customer
  • grouping results by fraction
  • grouping by call types (mobile, fixed, special)
  • days, weeks, months
  • tariff period (T1,T2,T3,Flat)
  • contract type (e.g. IC, Reseller, Customer, Business)
  • telecommunication platform
  • account manager


Presentation of aggregated billing data for the selected party, accounting for unique requirements provided by the Customer in a csv file.

Pricing management

The Central Management System has an extensive pricing management module. The application supports automatic generation according to rates provided by the system operator, without necessarily loading a batch file.

This functionality lets you define such criteria as:

  • charging calls to transferred numbers (fixed, mobile),
  • smooth (postponed) change of tariff for the given Customer,
  • editing rates to selected directions online, without preparing a batch file.

Call audit

The Central Management System is fitted with a call audit module for every Customer, including the following parameters:

  • traffic drop,
  • no calls
  • profit margin drop
  • negative profit margin

For more information, contact LoVo Group Operator Sales Department.