The Vision of LoVo

To become a leading modern alternative telecommunication operator, perceived as a leader of innovative telecommunication solutions.

The Mission of LoVo

To be a partner and a business advisor for the buyers of our telecommunication services, an attractive employer for our personnel, and a valuable member of the local community.

LoVo Values:

Pro-Customer Policy


  • We perfectly understand our clients’ business, requiring advanced telecommunication solutions. We offer them in simple and comprehensive proposals, individually fitted to our Clients. We provide full support to our Clients through an offering that covers an extensive range of products and solutions.
  • Specialised personnel makes all efforts to maintain the service level at global highest.

High Quality of Service

  • We guarantee high quality and quick access to national and worldwide Internet resources.
  • We use advanced algorithms based on HD Voice standards; therefore, voice transmission via network is hard to distinguish from face-to-face conversation.
  • LoVo framework provides best quality internal transmission in the network and guarantees high quality transmission exchange with global Internet.

Professionalism, stability and confidence 

  • As an experienced telecommunication operator, we are a reliable and stable Partner. We have been engaged in providing the highest standard of service for years, and we have gained trust of more and more Customers.
  • Every LoVo Customer has a dedicated account manager throughout the term of cooperation with the Operator, and all the services are monitored by 24h network management centre.