LoVo Solutions for Operators is the ability to conveniently use the options offered by own telecommunication infrastructure combined with attractive prices and an extensive range of added services, facilitating operation on the market.

The offer is addressed to:

  • operators with their own telecommunication utilities.
  • cable TV networks,
  • service providers to residential buildings, office buildings and shopping centres.

Service performance:

Network connection can be built both in traditional TDM technology based on E1 (G.703) links with DSS1 or SS7 signal, or in VoIP technology with SIP or H.323 signal.

If VoIP technology is used, the operator can choose between a direct link or traffic exchange via public Internet.

Added services:

Your cooperation with LoVo will also involve a broad selection of additional services, both to facilitate the operations of your business and to accelerate growth of our business partners. The following are included in the range of added services:

  • Lease of numbering ranges – LoVo competence can be used for quickly and efficiently expanding the operator’s numbering pools.
  • Broadcasting of numbering – LoVo competence can be used for broadcasting the operator’s primary subscriber numbering range assigned to him through a decision of the President of the Office for Electronic Communication.
  • Access to PLI CBD (Localisation and Information Platform with a Central Database) – connection to the PLI CBD platform enabling performance of obligations specified in the Telecommunication Law.
  • Number portability – support in the process of subscriber number portability (NP) to and from a network of another domestic telecommunication operator.
  • Outsourced services, e.g. building points of interconnection, provision of billing services, service and connection monitoring, etc.
  • Attractive call and service prices – LoVo network services give you an assurance of competitive prices of phone calls and additional services.
  • Little hardware investment of the partner – with the additional services, you can largely reduce investment in infrastructure on the operator’s side.
  • Short service launch times – measured in days after the date of order or contract execution.
  • Extensive range of additional services – additional services (including portability, lease and broadcasting of numbers, access to PLI-CBD, outsourced services) facilitate the operator’s daily functioning on the competitive market.
  • Non-stop service monitoring – the service is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by dedicated LoVo network management centre engineers.

Benefits for the Client

Collocation services

Within the range of inter-operator services, LoVo offers to lease space in a telecommunication cabinet located in the centre of Warsaw, at Nowogrodzka 64 (Linxtelecom Poland).

Strict safety standards and appropriate environmental conditions are maintained on our colocation sites, as follows:

  • encrypted access with electronic cards
  • advanced anti-burglary systems
  • smoke and fire sensors and automatic extinguishing system
  • air conditioning (fixed temperature at 20°C (+/- 2°C)).
  • power supply system with single or double dedicated 16A switches
  • uninterrupted battery power supply at -48VDC

Why LoVo?

LoVo has long experience in the telecommunication sector, focusing on the business and interconnection market.

The following aspects, among others, distinguish LoVo on the Polish market:

  • Points of interconnection with 400 operators in Poland and worldwide.
  • Long experience on the market of inter-operator services.
  • Professional sales and engineering team.
  • Full range of technologies (both TDM and VoIP).
  • Continuous network and service quality monitoring.

Our proposal represents cooperation with a stable business that offers the best quality for an optimised price. In addition, our Partners have the opportunity to use advanced, intelligent service platforms, enabling them to provide extra services to their customers.

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