Service Specification:

The LoVo Phone service is a telephone service enabling you to make and receive phone calls and to receive many added services. The user may take advantage of the service using several types of end terminals:

  • IP telephone
  • conventional fixed line telephone connected to VoIP gate
  • sofphone, i.e. an application installed on a PC, smartphone or tablet

In the first and second case, the manner of using the service bears practically no difference to the use of typical, traditional fixed line telephony service, with the only exception being that the LoVo Phone service usually offers a broader range of added services beyond the calls themselves.

Public Internet is used as transmission media. At the Customer’s side, the service uses the Customer’s existing Internet link (the service does not require installing an additional connection link).

Telephone numbers will be assigned to the Customer, or the Customer may retain his current telephone numbers and transfer them to the LoVo network.

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The Customer may use the following functionalities of the HIPERUS platform:
• Call forwarding – full numbers or extension numbers. Flexible forwarding option (always, after a specific time of the call not received, when busy)
• DISA – ability to reach the selected extension number. Ability to switch on a personalized voice welcoming message.
• Voice mail – recording unanswered incoming calls. You can play the messages after logging on to the subscriber panel. Message files can also be e-mailed.
• Virtual fax – ability to receive and send fax messages and to read the messages after logging on to the platform. Document files are also sent via e-mail.
• Virtual PABX – ability to define the main number to identify outgoing calls from the Customer’s headquarters. The Customer’s users can communicate within an abbreviated numbering system – extension numbers. The number of digits in extension numbers can be configured upon individual request.
• Call recording – the call recording functionality records incoming and outgoing calls of the Customer in real time (except VPBX calls which are not recorded). Recordings are retained for a preset time, not exceeding 12 months.

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Service diagram:

VoIp (Voice over Internet Protocol) is used for voice transmission between the subscriber terminal (or the VoIP gate if a conventional telephone is used) and the HIPERUS platform. The HIPERUS platform is connected to a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) with traditional voice links based on channel switching.

The HIPERUS platform converts signal protocols and speech coding from VoIP to the format used in telephone networks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low price of monthly subscription fees and calls
  • Convenient HD Voice quality talking across the LoVo network
  • Extensive range of additional services (including call forwarding, voice mail, voice welcome message, virtual fax and virtual PABX, call recording)
  • Unlimited range – you just have to be within the range of your Internet access service and the telephone service will be provided to you using the existing link
  • “Turnkey” performance – the Customer will receive fully configured terminals or dect telephones, which just need to be connected to the Internet
  • A simple and quick process of transferring numbers to the LoVo network will not cause any interruption in using the telephone service
  • Short service launch time (even as short as 1-2 working days after signing the contract)
  • Immediate response of the Operator in case of failure, with continuous service monitoring by dedicated service engineers from the LoVo network management centre.


HD Voice (High Definition Voice) – the HD Voice technology, also known as broad-range sound, represents the sound transmission standards used in IP telephony, for sending a sound range which is twice as broad via VoIP than traditional telephones. Therefore, caller’s comfort is comparable to a live conversation – you could have an impression that your caller is at your fingertips.

Numbering – within the scope of service, the Customer will receive telephone numbers from LoVo from the appropriate numbering zone. Naturally, the Customer may use his existing telephone numbers which will be transferred to the LoVo network.

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Type of fee Nazwa taryfy
Biznes PRO 10 Biznes PRO 30 Biznes PRO 40 Biznes PRO 50 Biznes PRO 95
PLN net PLN net PLN net PLN net PLN net
Activation fee activation of service, per telephone number contracts for indefinite term 200,00 200,00 200,00 200,00 200,00
fixed-term contract 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00

Type of fee Tariff name
Biznes PRO 10 Biznes PRO 30 Biznes PRO 40 Biznes PRO 50 Biznes  PRO 95
PLN net PLN net PLN net PLN net PLN net
monthly subscription fee digital telephony – monthly charge per telephone number contracts for indefinite term 10,00 30,00 40,00 50,00 95,00
12-month contract 9,00 25,00 35,00 45,00 85,00
18-month contract 8,00 20,00 30,00 40,00 75,00
24-month contract 7,00 15,00 25,00 30,00 60,00
36-month contract 5,00 10,00 20,00 25,00 50,00

Type of fee Tariff name
Biznes PRO 10 Biznes PRO 30 Biznes PRO 40 Biznes PRO 50 Biznes PRO 95
PLN net PLN net PLN net PLN net PLN net
call charge (price per 1 minute) calls to fixed line networks 0,16 0,10 0,07 0,06 0,05
calls to all mobile networks 0,21 0,20 0,19 0,17 0,16

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