Within the range of HIPERUS products, LoVo has developed a SoftPhone solution called LoVoMobile. LoVoMobile is a working solution supplied to LoVo Partners under different brand names and in different distribution models. LoVoMobile software works for more than 5000 users of the HIPERUS C5 telecommunication service platform.

LoVoMobile delivers softphone functionality launched on mobile devices.

LoVo Mobile application produces VoIP calls with mobile devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets and others, featuring mobile OSs. The application works on the Android platform.

Key components of LoVo Mobile:

  • “Install and call”
  • Simple to use – no configuration
  • Displaying account balance
  • Quick  top-up
  • Integration with phone book and device phone call history
  • Calling directly with your phone keys
  • Network quality indicator during the call
  • Codec selection according to available network (WiFi/HSDPA)

LoVo Mobile uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to initiate a phone session and works as an end terminal in a SIP network. The assumption of this application is to cause as little burden as possible to the environment in which it is launched.

The application has been designed as simple to use as possible. User configuration of SIP network settings is not anticipated. Authorisation and registration in SIP network is automatic, with data downloaded by the application from the HIPERUS platform or the intermediate server durng the system log-on process.  HTTP is used in communication between the application and the HIPERUS platform or the intermediate server.

For more information, contact LoVo Group Operator Sales Department.