LoVo Group is a group of companies operating as telecommunication service providers.

LoVo Group Companies have been present on the telecommunication market for over ten years. In October 2012, Telekomunikacja Bliżej S.A., Telekomunikacja Bliżej Sp. z o.o., Media Nowej Generacji and TeleKontakt24 Sp. z o.o. joined their forces on the market of telecommunication services. The companies were rebranded into LoVo S.A., LoVo Telekomunikacja Bliżej Sp. z o.o., LoVo Sp. z o.o. and LoVo TeleKontakt24 Sp. z o.o., thus forming the LoVo Group.

With this development, the process of diversification of points of network interconnection with operators was initiated, through building interconnections at several colocations. At the moment, we have several central colocation points at which we have built FPSS with all the major domestic and foreign operators, which allows us to maintain high level of safety and quality of the services we provide.

Our expansion on the wholesale market began in 2006 when we started to connect first operators providing telecommunication services for their subscribers and we commenced performance of telecommunication traffic transit services.

During 2006-2008, we built our own physical points of interconnection with the leading operators in Poland, which we can now lease to other smaller operators.

In 2009, LoVo developed the innovative HIPERUS Telecommunication Platform – a solution enabling us to provide advanced services based on package technologies, both on mobile and fixed telecommunication networks.

With the HIPERUS platform capability, LoVo was able to start providing its services on the reseller market as well as to Corporate and Retail Customers.

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LoVo network currently handles over 300,000 subscriber numbers and over 400 operators, generating over 1.2 billion minutes yearly.

In 2009, LoVo Group companies completed their project of building a network of proprietary points of interconnection in all the 49 numbering zones in Poland.

For the last 2 years, we have also been active on the market of convergent services. Since we had our own points of interconnection with the leading telecommunication operator, we have begun to connect End Customers to our network.