HIPERUS C5 Telecommunication Service Platform

The HIPERUS C5 Telecommunication Service Platform is a complete solution, ready to provide best quality services, developed on the basis of the most advanced technologies: NGN (Next Generation Networks ), HD Voice (High Definition Voice ), QoS (Quality of Service).

The HIPERUS C5 Telecommunication Service Platform is a solution enabling us to provide advanced services based on package technologies, both on mobile and fixed telecommunication networks. The functionality offered by the HIPERUS C5 Telecommunication Service Platform will satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements of service providers.

The HIPERUS platform provides, among other, the following services:

  • Subscriber number handling and portability
  • Handling incoming and outgoing calls
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Anti-fraud monitoring
  • On-line billing
  • Call forwarding
  • Voice mail: Voice2Email / Voice2Web
  • Fax services: Fax2Email / Fax2Web / Web2Fax
  • CLIP / CLIR number presentation service
  • HD quality calls
  • DISA message handling
  • Internal numbering and virtual VPBX exchange
  • System operation monitoring
  • Recording outgoing and incoming calls

Fig. 2. The idea behind the HIPERUS C5 Telecommunication Service Platform.

Modular design of the HIPERUS platform gives you reliable service even in case of failure of a system element. Failures are detected by the monitoring system. With the use of a failover mechanism, system operation will be automatically switched to a redundant (backup) module. In practice, this gives the client an assurance of reliable uninterrupted service and use of telecommunication services.

The system monitors server loads on a continuous basis. If a server is overloaded, the volume of calls handled by that server can be reduced automatically or manually by the operator.

The platform servers are adapted for uninterrupted long-term work. For the purpose of safe data storage, all database servers are fitted with disk arrays, which improve service reliability. Even after a failure of some disks, the system is capable of continued service.

Example configuration:


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