ePaso – Service Specification:

The ePASO system is a platform for integrating the billing system of LoVo LoVo Telekomunikacja Bliżej Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, called HIPERUS C5, complete with specialised office applications for various industry sectors (real estate, automotive, travel, commerce, jobs, other), CRM systems, statistical applications for advertising systems (Google – Adwords, Analytics).

ePASO Platform offers virtual telephone numbering systems to companies, allowing them to verify the efficiency of their specific ads, ad services, online commercials (Internet) and Offline (ATL – Above The Line – commercials: television, radio, press, billboards, outdoor) through tracking incoming calls. Automated planning and assignment of virtual numbering schemes dedicated to individual departments, employees, goods, ads, ad services, Internet portals and ATL advertising through a system of forwarding to fixed and mobile phone numbers will allow introduction of ad and commercial spending optimisation.

Recipients’ interactive response will verify the efficiency of the communication channels. In addition, incoming traffic control as registered in ePASO application and forwarded directly to the target number can have a significant impact on improving the quality of service, measuring personnel efficiency, quality of customer calls via the call recording module. It will allow you to optimise your business processes and eliminate time needed for handling inefficient media.

Systems integration within a single SaaS (Software as a Service) application may contribute to an increase of competitiveness and productivity. With the available online activity analyses and statistics, extended with telecommunication activity analytics, integrated within a single application, offer the possibility to improve the service quality, to optimise the costs of advertising, and may foster quality growth of businesses.

  • ePASO is an analytic service provided on the basis of telecommunication infrastructure enabling you to make and receive phone calls and to use numerous added services.

Public Internet is used as transmission media. Virtual phone numbering scheme will be assigned to the customer, from which – after forwarding the call accordingly to the target number (fixed or mobile) – quantity and quality of calls will be monitored.


Fig. 1. ePASO service diagram.

VoIp (Voice over Internet Protocol) is used for voice transmission between the subscriber terminal or GSM telephone and the HIPERUS platform. The HIPERUS platform is connected to a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) with traditional voice links based on channel switching.

The HIPERUS platform converts signal protocols and speech coding from VoIP to the format used in telephone networks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low price of monthly subscription
  • No cost of forwarding virtual numbering to fixed line numbers
  • Low cost of forwarding virtual numbering to mobile numbers
  • Possible forwarding from virtual numbering to fixed and mobile numbers
  • Automation of business processed during planning and management of the virtual numbering scheme
  • The customer receives full access rights to the administration panel on the HIPERUS platform
  • Immediate response of the Operator in case of failure, with continuous service monitoring by dedicated service engineers from the LoVo network management centre.
  • Possible real-time optimisation of advertising budgets – managing boosts, highlights, ads in ad services
  • Service quality management through listening to customer calls, with the call recording service for calls on the virtual numbering scheme only
  •  Personnel activity and working times management through results available in real time, e.g. number of unanswered calls.
  • Re-allocation of advertising funds towards the most efficient ad services and other channels of communication.
  • Optimised ad descriptions, valuation of goods on the basis of the number of calls from the given virtual number allocated to the given item, service, etc.
  • Optimised organisation of office work, helpers, assistants, office workers,
  • Comparing “virtual numbering tracking” reports with completed and closed transactions.

Publishers of ads on ad sites and websites did not use to be able to measure the efficiency and performance of the specific ad sites and online ads otherwise than through basic viewer statistics. Viewer statistics only give you knowledge about popularity, not fully related to the Internet user’s interest in the website hidden under the online ad. Publishers of ads and commercials in newspapers, on the radio, television or outdoor media are unable to verify performance or analyse efficiency of their ads in the particular marketing communication channels.

ePASO numbering – within the scope of the service, the customer will receive a virtual phone numbering range from LoVo. The quantity of virtual numbers depends on the customer’s needs. Naturally, the Customer may use his existing telephone numbers which will be transferred to the LoVo network.

The Customer may use the following functionalities of the HIPERUS platform:

  • Call forwarding – full numbers or extension numbers. Flexible forwarding option (always, after a specific time of the call not received, when busy)
  • Voice mail – recording unanswered incoming calls. You can play the messages after logging on to the subscriber panel. Message files can also be e-mailed.
  • Virtual fax – ability to receive and send fax messages and to read the messages after logging on to the platform. Document files are also sent via e-mail.
  • Call recording – the call recording functionality records incoming and outgoing calls of the Customer in real time (except VPBX calls which are not recorded). Recordings are retained for a preset time, not exceeding 12 months.

ePASO service prices

Prices of virtual numbering ranges Standard Standard + Standard Pro Optimum Optimum + Optimum Pro Optimum max
Numbers 100 500 2,000 4,000 10,000 20,000 any quantity of numbers
numbering range management yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
call recording yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
call reports yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
personnel activity reports yes yes yes yes yes yes
number tracking report yes yes yes yes yes
e-mail reports yes yes yes yes yes
google analytics reports yes yes yes yes yes
google adwords reports yes yes yes yes yes
tablets with app yes (1) yes (1) yes (1) yes
monthly net price PLN 150 PLN 300 PLN 600 PLN 1,000 PLN 1,500 PLN 2,000 negotiations
monthly gross price PLN 185 PLN 369 PLN 738 PLN 1,230 PLN 1,845 PLN 2,460 negotiations
* Tablets with apps – one unit for the price of the app. More units can be purchased for a preferential price.

Recorded calls will be stored free of charge on the Recipient’s account on the Hiperus sPASO platform for 14 days. Storage of recordings on the Hiperus ePASO platform for more than 14 days is subject to additional charges:

  1. Phone call recording – 10 GB call recorded and 1 month storage on LoVo server: 59.00 monthly,
  2. Phone call recording – 10 GB call recorded and 3 months storage on LoVo server: 69.00 monthly,
  3. Phone call recording – 10 GB call recorded and 6 months storage on LoVo server: 99.00 monthly,
  4. Increasing the Call Recording Package by 1 GB 5.00 monthly.

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